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Welcome to Scottish Region, British Polio Fellowship

The Scottish Region, British Polio Fellowship is here to offer help, information and support to people in Scotland living with affects of polio and post polio syndrome.

There are over 500 members of the BPF living in Scotland and are either branch, group or unaligned members. Although we are a membership organisation we offer our services to anyone interest in polio. BPF Scottish Region is run by what is known as the Regional council which is made up of members of the branches and groups, one unaligned member and meet at least 4 times a year.The branches are spread across Scotland, there are branches in Paisley, Edinburgh and Aberdeen as well as groups in Lanarkshire and Dundee. Branches and groups have regular monthly meetings and welcome any one affected by polio or post polio the branches and groups also run regular lunches and outings for their members.

Scottish region run an annual lunch for all members which usually attracts 60 to70 members and non members. BPF Scottish region recently decided to open an office to give people affected by polio and post polio a point of contact in Scotland. The office is staffed by volunteers and also sells bric a brac, household items, books, cd’s, dvd’s all of which is donated. We are always looking for volunteers to help us in our work.

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